How Is AMEND Together Different?

AMEND proposes a solution to the issue. Most prevention initiatives hope to create awareness or teach women and girls how to stay safe.

AMEND Together engages men and boys to think differently.

It offers a roadmap to permanently change the culture that supports gender violence by inviting men and boys to lead the change themselves, from the inside out. This primary prevention initiative also seeks to illustrate that men are stakeholders and mutual beneficiaries to the end of violence.

Why will AMEND Together work?

Violence against women and girls is not inherent in human nature. Boys and girls are not born abusers or victims. Gender violence is a learned behavior and supported by our current culture.

AMEND Together seeks to empower men to educate boys on healthy masculinity and to become the catalyst for cultural change.

In learning healthy masculinity, boys will understand how unhealthy masculinity maintains a culture that supports violence against women.


What Does AMEND Together Do?

  • AMEND Clubs

  • AMEND educational presentations

  • Annual Events

  • AMEND Sporting Games