AMEND Together seeks to end the epidemic of violence against women and girls by empowering young men and boys to become the catalyst for cultural change.


“On average, every twenty minutes, Nashville police officers are responding to domestic violence. Patrol officers are often called upon to intervene after an assault or even a homicide has occurred in a domestic setting. While specialized detectives work on front-end prevention strategies, the focus of the entire city, not just the police, must shift to prevention. AMEND Together’s strategy to invite men to help solve the problem just makes sense.”Steve Anderson, Nashville Chief of Police
“Communities like Nashville that don’t address violence against women suffer socially as well as economically. It’s an important issue that affects the city’s bottom line. AMEND Together is our opportunity to tell everyone that in Nashville we value women, and we are committed to keeping them safe.”Butch Spyridon, President and CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation
“NewsChannel 5 reports all too often on the devastating effects of domestic violence. That’s why we are so excited about this fresh approach to confront the problem. Our commitment to AMEND Together is one of the biggest community projects in station history. As we support this effort, we look forward to seeing its healing effect in the community we serve.”Deborah Turner, VP, Journal Communications
“AMEND Together is an innovative domestic violence initiative that uses sports and coaches as a foundation. It is focused on reducing violence within a community through the engagement of men and the education of boys. The team setting provided by athletics provides a perfect educational environment to positively impact our youth—to shape a generation of boys that value and respect women and girls.”Beth Debauche, Commissioner, Ohio Valley College Athletics Conference (OVC)
“At Vanderbilt University, we prepare student-athletes to become leaders and champions in life by placing the highest values on integrity, character, sportsmanship, and victory. We believe our partnership with AMEND Together helps to achieve that mission.”Derek Mason, Head Men’s Football Coach Vanderbilt University